Sending Us Your Music

If we’re doing audio mastering, we can work from analog tape or AIFF / WAV digital files.  When you send us your finished tracks, we’ll also need some information about the album, so we can create finished files correctly.  The most important thing for us to know is the release format, and how we’re delivering it to you.  For example, if we’re cutting lacquers, we need to know where to send them to have stampers made.  WAV files are delivered differently for download or CD release.  If you have questions about what we should deliver, let us know before we start.

There are a few basic things we always need to know:

  • Album Name
  • Artist Name
  • Sequence (which, for vinyl, includes side break)

It’s helpful for us to include meta-data, especially when we master for CD or download — pressing plants and on-line distributors will use this information.  Your mastering will go more smoothly, and save time and money, if we have all of this information before we start.

  • Song Titles and Composer
  • ISRC numbers (if desired, available from your upload website)
  • UPC number (if desired, from your record label or if unsigned, online)

If we’re cutting lacquers for a vinyl LP for an album that you’ve already mastered, it’s best to receive one file or one tape reel for each side.

Please tell us if you want Vinyl cutting masters when we are making your CDs or digital download files.

And we’ll remind you one more time to please make sure all spellings and punctuation are correct.