Releasing Vinyl

When CD was the common physical release format, the process was easy, and everyone understood it. Releasing a vinyl LP involves a more complex series of steps. The lacquer production, stampers, pressing, and artwork realization all involve exacting fabrication work.

At Taloowa, we can help you manage your record production every step of the way. After cutting the lacquer masters, we can coordinate the process until you receive your finished LPs. We have great relationships with the best plating and pressing plants to press your records quickly and at a high quality, especially if you’re making a small pressing run. All of our partners are independent businesses like ours, and they all share our commitments to both artist satisfaction and audio fidelity.

Whether you’re mastering with us or somewhere else, get in touch through our contact form, to discuss how we can help you get great-sounding records on the time line you need.